Two Tracks

Track 1: Theology Program (men & women)

The purpose of track 1 is to provide in-depth theological training that will equip men and women to serve in local churches. This track is open to everyone. Track 1 students must attend all class sessions and complete all reading and writing assignments as given by Academy staff.

Track 2: Theology & Church Leadership Program (men only)

The purpose of track 2 is to train men to serve as teachers, elders, staff pastors, church planters or other specialized roles. This track involves a 3 year in-depth theological training program, assessment of character and gifts, directed ministry experiences, and additional assigned reading and discussions geared toward pastoral ministry. 

Track 2: Seminary Graduates

We do accept seminary graduates into our track 2 program. Many seminary graduates, upon completion of their education, have a desire to mature and grow more prior to entering into vocational ministry. Track 2 students who have completed a seminary degree will be expected to participate in the classes but will not be required to complete classwork. Instead they will serve as assistants to Academy professors. Seminary graduates will be fully involved in the other aspects of track 2 (mentoring, ministry experiences, assessement of gifts, etc.). 


For those who want to attend a class without having to complete reading or writing assignments. The audit option is open to everyone.