What is the cost of the Academy?

Due to the high cost associated with visiting professors and technology there is a cost to participate in Academy classes. However, the cost is minimal in comparison to a typical seminary. We are able to keep cost low while providing high level theological instruction. How? We believe the local church should bear the primary burden for training men for ministry. We have no desire to launch young men into ministry with thousands of dollars of debt.

RSBC Members

Track 1 - $50 per class

Track 2 - $75 per class

Audit - Free


Track 1 - $75 per class

Track 2 - $150 per class

Audit - Free

Whatever you can afford? 

"I'd love to, but..."  We have a whatever-you-can-afford policy. If you cannot afford the cost of the class, please contact Randy Jones and he will be glad to work out the details with you.

Blessing churchmen and their families! 

It is our goal to bless the men who teach at the Academy. These men have invested years of study and hard work to bless the church. Every week pastors reap the fruit of their labors through commentaries and other tools used for sermon prep. With this in mind, it is our goal to treat these men and their families well while they are with us in Charleston. It is a small way to share our appreciation for their life work. 

Scholarship Opportunities

Follow this link to apply for scholarships or financial aid.