Semester & Seminar Classes

Most students who attend the Academy will be in the secular work force. We believe this is good for men preparing for ministry. Working in the "secular" world provides these men an opportunity to mature in a number of areas. For example, this period of time gives them a great opporutnity to interact with unbelievers, learn how to work with others and manage their time. So, we do not shy away from students working a full time job, rather we believe it is helpful to their overall training to be shepherds of God's people. We have designed the structure of the Academy with this in mind.

Seminar Intensives

In our seminar intensives, most of the in-class instruction will occur during one weekend (11 hours) with one pre-seminar class (2 hours) and one post-seminar class (2 hours). The Seminar type classes will be taught by adjunct professors from various theological seminaries.

Semester Classes

This format consists of instruction for one evening (3 hours) every other week over a 3 month period. The “semester” style class is taught by RSC staff.