Our curriculum is more than classes. All Track 2 students will engage in three aspects of training in order to see a full training of God's servants. 


Because the qualfications for eldership are primarily character oriented, we put much emphasis upon growing in godliness. Each Track 2 student will enage in a mentoring relationship with the elders of Randolph Street. They will be trained in being godly men, husbands and fathers. 


Each Track 2 student will be placed in a variety of contexts to develop and sharpen the gifts given to them by the Holy Spirit. These experiences will also help our local church (under the leadership of her elders) to properly assess areas of giftedness.

 God's Word

Each Track 1 & Track 2 student will be expected to complete the appropriate curriculum schedule designed to equip them to be leaders in the local church.

 Year 1  Year 2  Year 3  Year 4  Year 5
 Introduction to the NT I  Systematic Theology I  Systematic Theology II  Systematic Theology III  Introduction to Church History I
 Biblical Hermeneutics  Introduction to Church History II  Introduction to OT I  Introduction to the NT II  Introduction to the OT II
 MAP - Leadership  MAP - Proclamation I  MAP - Outreach  MAP - Leadership  MAP - Proclamation II

 Additional ABTS Only Classes will be offered and announced as they are scheduled.

*Current classes being offered can be found on the home page. The curriculum and schedule is subject to change.